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Introducing HawkPoints, Our New Rewards Program!
Introducing HawkPoints, Our New Rewards Program!

canada cell phone parts

LCD Buyback

Sell Your Broken LCD

LCD Buyback Program

Maximum Value Safe & Hassle-free Direct Payment

Phone Model OEM / No Shadow OEM / Defective
iPhone 14 Pro Max $230.00 $130.00
iPhone 14 Pro $180.00 $120.00
iPhone 14 Plus $180.00 $120.00
iPhone 14 $120.00 $60.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max $200.00 $110.00
iPhone 13 Pro $150.00 $60.00
iPhone 13 $55.00 $35.00
iPhone 13 Mini $70.00 $40.00
IPhone 12 Pro Max $137.00 $80.00
IPhone 12 / 12 Pro $62.00 $30.00
IPhone 12 Mini $75.00 $28.00
IPhone 11 Pro Max $62.00 $30.00
IPhone 11 Pro $30.00 $20.00
IPhone 11 $13.00 $7.00
IPhone XR $10.00 $6.00
IPhone XS Max $50.00 $30.00
Iphone XS $24.00 $18.00
Iphone X $26.00 $20.00
iPhone 8 Plus CA$10.00 CA$5.00
iPhone 8 CA$6.00 CA$2.00
iPhone 7 Plus CA$9.00 CA$5.00
iPhone 7 CA$4.50 CA$2.00
iPhone 6S Plus CA$10.00 CA$2.35
iPhone 6S CA$4.00 CA$2.80
iPhone 6 Plus CA$4.50 CA$2.65
iPhone 6 CA$2.00 CA$1.35
Phone Model OEM / No Shadow OEM / Light Shadow
Galaxy S21 Ultra CA$123.00 CA$60.24
Galaxy S21 Plus CA$123.00 CA$60.24
Galaxy S21 CA$123.00 CA$60.24
Galaxy S20 Plus / 5G CA$109.00 CA$62.50
Galaxy S20 Ultra CA$109.00 CA$62.50
Galaxy S20 / 5G CA$109.00 CA$62.50
Galaxy S10 Plus CA$142.00 CA$34.70
Galaxy S10E CA$44.00 CA$20.85
Galaxy S10 CA$126.00 CA$34.70
Galaxy S9 Plus CA$74.00 CA$34.70
Galaxy S9 CA$60.00 CA$34.70
Galaxy S8 Plus CA$74.00 CA$34.70
Galaxy S8 CA$62.00 CA$58.00
Galaxy S7 Edge CA$44.00 CA$13.90
Galaxy S7 CA$23.00 CA$6.95
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus CA$22.85
Galaxy S6 Edge CA$15.90 CA$6.95
Galaxy S6 CA$15.90 CA$4.15
Galaxy S5 CA$8.95
Galaxy S4 CA$8.95
Galaxy A70 CA$17.00
Galaxy A71 CA$20.00
Galaxy A50 CA$17.00
Galaxy A51 CA$20.00
Galaxy A20 CA$17.00
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G CA$171.00
Galaxy Note 20 5G CA$100.00 CA$90.30
Galaxy Note 10 Plus / 5G CA$143.00 CA$55.55
Galaxy Note 10 CA$125.00 CA$62.50
Galaxy Note 9 CA$78.40 CA$48.60
Galaxy Note 8 CA$71.45 CA$48.60
Galaxy Note 5 CA$36.70 CA$6.95
Galaxy Note 4 CA$22.85 CA$2.80
Galaxy Note 3 CA$15.90
Phone Model OEM / No Shadow OEM / Light Shadow
iPad Pro 11(1st Gen / 2nd Gen) $53.35 26.65
iPad Pro 12.9 With Daughter Board (3rd Gen, 4th Gen) $55.55 27.80
iPad Pro 12.9 With Daughter Board(2nd Gen, 2017) $41.65 20.85
iPad Pro 12.9 With Daughter Board (1st Gen, 2016) $20.00
iPad Pro 10.5 $20.85 $13.90
iPad Mini 5 $13.90 $6.95
iPad Mini 4 $13.90 $6.95
iPad Air 2 $13.90 $6.95

Our Process


Check Price

Select your device & tell us about its current condition, and we will make the perfect price for you.


Send your LCD

Send your LCD to us and one of our experienced tech will inspect and review each component carefully.We will send a email conformation upon receiving the LCD with the count.


Get Paid

After the testing is complete we will send your instant payment your way!


Usually between 1-3 Business days. If you have not received your results within this timeframe, please contact us and we will get your request expedited.

Typically these LCDs should be Grade A (OEM), however over time, we do tend to see more Grade B (Refurbish) in the older generation models for iPhone LCDs. Please contact us so we can explain to you better in the differences we look for.

Many will use the OEM (Grade A) pricing at a higher rate but give a lower payout on the less grade levels to make up for the difference and have a substantially lower payout rate. Because of differences in testing standards and what do you match or beat other competitors ? qualifies into our grading criteria maybe different than others, we do not currently match competitors. .

however if you ship more than CA$200.00 in value we provide the shipping label for free and have it deducted from your payout at the end.

Great! First step would be to sign-up and get approved. After that you can go onto "My Account" and see the option "LCD BUYBACK PROGRAM". Fill out the amount you want to send and click if you would like to be paid out through PayPal or internal credit for future purchases. Once you have submitted your request, you should receive an email confirmation stating your request was created and now ready to ship. In this email confirmation, it should also give you instructions on what you need to do next.

No, The LCD and Digitizer must be functioning in request for the LCD to hold any value for recycle .

We understand the recycled LCD's are a vital part of many repair shops, this is why we request you to filter and package your recycled LCD's in bubble and ship in a safe and secure manner to obtain the best results. Many repair shops have been paid less for their recycled or given straight bad results to the customers. Our suggestion is, ship us LCD's which has your own stamp/sticker on each lcd. The LCD's which are tested grade D (Bad LCD/Digitizer) can be sent back to you which you can verify by your own stamp/sticker.

Please note that shipping is a cost for us, so we would require you to provide a label for the Grade D.

Please note we keep your Grade D for 5 business days before being disposed.

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