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Introducing HawkPoints, Our New Rewards Program!

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Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra has battery drain issues

You have recently adopted the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and found that its battery did not hold the charge well? No, the battery is not necessarily at fault, but rather a small bug related to the camera! We tell you more!

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is distinguished by its incredible camera with its quadruple capture. And to make your shots even better, it has a stabilizer to compensate for hand tremors. You will tell me, nothing extraordinary so far. It's true. But it is an optical image stabilizer. That is to say, it is literally a mechanical part that allows the photo sensors to remain stable energy from the battery. While on many smartphones, the stabilizer is digital, ie, compensated by software. As you may have guessed, optical stabilization is much more efficient.

Except that, when this element is not used (when you do not take a picture), it "moves" within the camera. Nothing serious at all and it is even quite normal. Except that having a noise of scrap metal on a phone at this price is not great. So Samsung made sure that the stabilizer is always on to prevent it from moving around even when you're not taking a picture. Good idea. Except that this option uses battery power all the time. So the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery is discharging quickly, because of this software update. And good news, this problem is also found on the Samsung Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The worst thing is that the clicking noise is still heard despite everything troll .Samsung should fix this in an Android update to disable this useless and buggy option!

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