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Introducing HawkPoints, Our New Rewards Program!

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Is your iPhone 13 screen turning pink?

The iPhone 13 meets a strong success despite the shortage of components that stopped its production for a few days. But a bug has been detected: some iPhone 13 screens would turn pink for no reason! We tell you more!

With nearly 40 million iPhone 13 sold by the end of 2021, it's a real success. It even allows Apple to take the lead in smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2021. However, some users have noticed a rather unpleasant problem by seeing their iPhone screen turn pink! No apparent reason, the display bug happens overnight, without warning.  You are probably not yet concerned because this defect has been detected mainly in China at the moment.

In addition to the pink iPhone 13 screen, slowdowns as well as untimely restarts have been noticed. Apart from that, your iPhone 13 remains functional since the touchscreen works normally, except for the pink color of the screen. This is still very disturbing. In this situation, you logically have the reflex to reset your iPhone. But the restoration does not solve the problem...

What does Apple say about the growing number of complaints? We are still far from the bendgate of the iPhone 6 or the design flaw of the iPhone 7 that causes audio bugs. But Apple has still communicated on this concern of the iPhone 13 pink screen. The brand claims that it is not a hardware problem but a software problem. If this happens to you, you simply need to update iOS to the latest version. But some iPhone owners have always had this problem with iOS 15 updates... You can bet that Apple will roll out a fix in the next few weeks to prevent pink screens from becoming more common.

And you, have you ever had iPhone bugs? And by the way, if you have any problems, don't forget to check our iPhone spare parts

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